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Bishop’s Palace of Astorga.

One of the magnificent pieces of Antonio Gaudí in León, was started in 1120, but was just in 1887 when the Catalonian architect was contracted. One of the sides is built on the ancient wall of the city.

The Cathedral

The Cathedral was built upon the old Romanesque cathedral. Of the old Romanesque cathedral we can still find ruins as the Chapel with a little image of the Virgen, located in the contiguous stretch at the renascent entry, and the Santa Marina chapel in the actual cathedral museum.

Romanesque’s route.

It is formed by the Foso del Campamento, the thermal, Aedes Augusti, the Mosaic’s domus and the Cloacas. It is an architectonic whole that worth to visit with a guide.

Please check the timetable with the Tourist office:
It is mandatory to book in advance.
The visit starts from the Tourism office. Duration: 1:45h

Museum of chocolate

Founded in 1994 by a private citizen, has a large heritage coming from the first step of the industrialization of the town. The introduction of the cocoa settled up an incipient industry of making chocolate, machinery’s construction, pressing of advertising for the different brands.

All this material has been collected by the owner and director of the museum and he made a unique collection in Spain and the second in Europe.